Real estate professional Quentin Kearney is co-owner of Results Property Management, LLC. He has experience in all levels of real estate, from sales to financial structures. Under Quentin Kearney’s leadership, Results Property Management, LLC, has grown by 105% in assets. His responsibilities include managing staff, handling business relations, and placing qualified tenants in one of the firm’s numerous properties.

Mr. Kearney attended North West Missouri State University. He studied political science with a concentration in business administration. Additionally, he minored in public administration. During his sophomore year, he was accepted into the student advocacy council, an organization he maintained membership with until graduating with a 3.25 grade point average and a bachelor of science.

Prior to entering the real estate industry, Quentin Kearney was employed with organizations such as Sprint and the Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce. In 2004, he opened his private real estate investment firm Kearney Associates, LLC. With this venture, he gained experience rehabilitating homes, negotiating contracts, and purchasing and selling properties.